Ceramco Additive

A Ceramic Component OEM

Ceramco Additive is a part of Ceramco, Inc. Ceramco Additive is a service bureau for all your ceramic additive projects, built upon strong relationships with the industry’s leading ceramic additive technologies and backed by decades of ceramic component manufacturing knowledge. Our focus is producing new and challenging ceramic parts that only additive manufacturing makes possible. All our ceramic additive customers, whether public or private, research or production, have access to the same materials, expertise, and standards we utilize for medical, semiconductor, and defense articles.

Lithoz CeraFab System S65 Medical 3D Printer for ceramic componentsA Separate Facility

The nature of ceramic additive manu­factur­ing requires an environment especially suited for the machines and materials. It is a specialty process in an equally specialized department with skilled, trained technicians and dedicated auxiliary equipment. A new facility to replace the existing one is planned to accommodate growing demand for ceramic service bureau resources.

3DCeram C100 additive 3D printer for ceramic components

ISO 9001:2015 Certified   ITAR Registered
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Visiting Us

Much of our work is proprietary and/or confidential. As such, visits and facility tours or process audits should be arranged in advance. Please use any of the "Contact Us" links in the footer of this page (below) to arrange a visit or facility tour. Our new facility will include modern space for meetings and for in-house presentations of the technology. Outside access to the actual ceramic additive production area is kept to a minimum due to the sensitive nature of the process itself.

Please visit our corporate website for more information on Ceramco and its history.