Materials Selection

Proven Formulations for Almost Every Assignment

Successful material selection requires a full understanding of the intended application of the OEM ceramic part. While the customer is responsible for all the original engineering of their part and therefore must choose the ceramic material in which to manufacture the part, Ceramco Additive may be able to advise based on the desired properties, geometry/design, and printing technology available. Most additive’s material formulations are equivalent to common production formulations found in the technical ceramics industry.

Additive manufactured alumina clamp for fluid metering and filtration

Standard Oxides

High purity alumina, zirconia, and blends thereof (ATZ and ZTA) are the most readily available and used for most applications.

Aluminum Oxide - 99.8% and 99.9% pure aluminas, as well as variants (house mixes) including 96% alumina, for both medical and non-medical ceramic components.

Zirconium Oxide - 3YTZP is our default zirconia. 8YTZP (typically used for oxygen sensors) and blends ZTA and ATZ are also available as standard zirconias.

Additive manufactured zirconia turnbuckle rotor for fasteners and thread coupling

Standard Non-Oxides

Ceramco Additive’s non-oxides are formulated from either Aluminum Nitride (AlN) or Silicon Nitride (Si3N4).

Silicon Nitride - Considered sintered, it is very tough, lightweight, and durable. Used in medical and automotive markets and other high-wear applications.

Aluminum Nitride - Alumina’s properties, plus the added benefit of high thermal conductivity. Especially well-suited for heat sink applications.

Additive manufactured alumina propeller for robotics (drone)

Specialized Formulations

Silica based, Cordierite and other mix types with unique properties are available. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Silica Based - Fused silica exhibits good thermal shock resistance and low thermal expansion. Coarse gain and low-density silica-based casting core formulations also available.

Cordierite - A proven refractory material with excellent thermal shock resistance and good electrical resistance. Tolerates temperatures up to 1000°C.

Powder Metallurgy for Additive

For OEM components requiring a custom blend please contact us to discuss the specific requirements.

Material Properties

Ceramco is ready with a formulation that is proven and well documented. Refer to the Material Properties Chart for specifics.